How to Spy on Whatsapp chats?

You maybe searching about spying on your partners whatsapp to see if he is cheating on you or where he might be busy while not replying to you on time. Although that might not be the only case you can be parent who want to secretly check whatsapp of kids so they wont get in to bad habits. I have used several applications to find out which might work hence i found a working application that lets you see whatsapp chats without any hurdles. Here i have defined in detail that how you spy on whatsapp using a phone number.

How to Use Social Spy Whatsapp to Spy whatsapp Chats?

Social Spy Whatsapp is an unofficial web app that lets you Spy on someone whatsapp Chats, calls and data to see what your targeted user is upto. Sosialspy Whatsapp is easy to use due to its easy User Interface.

If you want to Spy on whatsapp using phone number you have to head to the Homepage of Social Spy website and input the phone number in the field as shown below.

1. Input Phone Number with country code Registered on whatsapp

Social Spy Phone number
Social Spy Phone number

2. Click on Submit Button

Social Spy submit
Social Spy submit

After clicking on Submit button wait for the tool to complete its process and gather sufficient data to inject into the server and get the data for you. After the process is done you will be redirected to the page on which all the whatsapp chats and call of the targeted users will be displayed.

If you ask me how i find the app useful. I Have tried sevreal whatsapp tool, whatsapp applications and other spy tools that dig deep into the whatsapp but they take time and i never get successful in getting the data of hmy loved ones.

Social Spy helps me alot in spying on someone’s whatsapp i want to and it was awesome to see what they are planning upto. Let me know if you found it useful or if there are any other similar apps that can compete Whatsapp Social Spy.